• Who is Pastor Dimas Salaberrios?

A Bold Christian, Loving husband, Great father, Health enthusiast and Pastor of Infinity Bible Church.

  • What denomination is “The Dynamic Life” / Infinity Bible Church?

Non-Denominational with roots in conservative/orthodox Christianity.

  • Does Pastor Dimas Salaberrios pastor any other churches?


  • What can The Dynamic Life do for me?

The Dynamic Life will empower you to rise up and go after the life that Jesus designed for you. You will be motivated and encouraged to make things happen now.

  • How can I find out about upcoming conventions and events?

You can check out The Pastor Dimas event page.

  • When are your services?

Sundays at 10:30 AM

  • How and where can I purchase products?

You can make purchase in the store on our website or to place an order over the phone call: 844-432-4453

  • Where can I submit a prayer request?

Call: 844-432-4453

  • Where can I find answers to spiritual questions?

Call Infinity Bible Church and ask for a pastor on duty at: 718-842-7130

  • How can I give my life to Christ?

Call a Pastor on duty at: 718-842-7130

  • Can I reprint your materials?

Yes but not for sale. 

  • How can I volunteer to assist the ministry?

Call our toll free number and express that at: 1-844-432-4453

  • What are the requirements to be apart of the ministry?

We are searching for humble Christians with holy lives who live to honor Jesus Christ. Our qualifications are from our bylaws and 1 Timothy 3.

  • My question isn’t answered here. What else can I do?

Call our toll free number or mail in to: PO Box 1066 Bronx NY 10472